Window Tinting by Dana

Window Tinting by Dana uses Solar Gard window tint film exclusively. He has found a consistent quality and constant performance that enhances his business by allowing him to provide the best products to match his personal service.

Dana has been in business as the owner/operator of Window Tinting by Dana in Arizona since 1988 serving Mesa, Phoenix, Gilbert, Chandler, Scottsdale. Apache Junction, and all of Maricopa County. His focus has always been on providing quality products with excellent value along with his desire to provide the best possible service to all of his clients.

• Auto, RV, Truck window tinting
• Residential, mobile home window tinting
• Commercial building window tinting

Window tinting cools the interior by blocking part of the heat and UV rays from the sun. It can help save on electricity by allowing the air conditioning system to be more efficient. It can help make old windows more energy efficient.

Older single pane windows are enhanced and actually thickened by the window tint film and can make a dramatic difference of how it feels inside after the tint film is installed compared to before the work began.